Bathroom Travel Buddy – How it all started

This is the story of how the Bathroom Travel Buddy came into existence.

How to deal with the need to bring toilet paper to the public ablution facilities at a camping site.

I’m not sure if you are aware of it, but just a quick look into our yard at our trailer and a quick peek at my facebook page, we will surely become aware of the fact that we, as a family love camping. We love going into the great outdoors and experiencing the peace and tranquility of open spaces. We generally stay relatively close to home, but on the odd occasion, we have ventured quite far afield for quite an extended period of time. 

Now, I do so enjoy the outdoor living, the camaraderie that develops within the family when living in close quarters, watching the kids have fun swimming in dams and rivers, kids running around playing ball games, sitting around a camp fire at night sipping on a glass of vino, watching the kids stuff themselves with marshmallows roasted on an open fire etc etc The list goes on and on.

But, the one thing that really frustrates me is the commute to the ablution facilities. No matter how beautiful these have been made by the camp site owners, it is and will always be, a communal space. Urgh. How embarrassing to tramp back and forth trying to lug your bog roll along. It’s like an advertisement to all that you pass! Everybody knows exactly where you’re going! Now there has to be a better way!!

Also, when you get to the loo, often there is no place to put your bog roll, so, on the floor it goes. Yuck! Who knows what has been on that floor! Or, you precariously place it on the cistern behind you. I can’t tell you how often I’ve almost taken out my spine trying to reach it when I need it! Or worse… It falls down onto that floor that who knows what has been done to it and is potentially moist and infested with millions of germs! Oh my soul… and then it rolls out of reach! Can this get any worse? But come on, I know those camping mates who are reading this, can sympathise. It’s happened to you too! Just admit it.

Yes, yes… I know. Some of you ladies try to get around this by stuffing a piece of loo paper in your pocket before you depart. I’ve tried this, but I always worry that a piece is sticking out, or the wind blows it away as you walk. And sometimes you just don’t have a pocket to stuff it in to. And once you have reached your destination, you have to fight to unfurl it from a skrumpled little ball back into the shape that it was meant to be. And what if you need more than you’ve brought along? Like when the seat looks a little suspicious or you detect a few errant splashes on the seat? What then! Then you are faced with the choice of dividing your little piece of precious paper or needing to return for reinforcements. Oh heck. Not a great option in my opinion.

So, here’s part one of my fabulous invention. I found a tin can with a lekker plastic lid that fits the roll of loo paper in perfectly! Salvation! Now I’m no longer flaunting my bog roll around when I commute to the loo. Now nobody knows where I’m going… whoohoo. Now I can place my roll on the floor without worrying about what else may be on the floor that may contaminate the paper. No more having to perform some circus act to reach behind to find it on the cistern. It stays right there on the floor where you put it. And no more worries that it rolls along a potentially wet floor and out of reach! Eurika! I’ve found the solution!

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