How the Bathroom Travel Buddy Saves The Day

The other day I spotted this configuration of loo versus loo paper, and just had to smile.  Who in their right mind puts the toilet paper holder on the outside of the toilet door? 

The implications were just too funny!

I feel sorry for the person, who in their haste, quickly checks that there is paper in the dispenser and then hurriedly closes the door;  only to discover that the dispenser is now located on the outside of the door.  What now?  Do they try opening the door, leaving themselves exposed?  And, if they did that, would they even be able to reach it from the seat?  The image is just too funny for words.

The organized amongst us would have seen that the only option available was to grab a handful of paper before closing the door.  This of course has its own problems. Where do you put the piece of paper in the mean time?  You could stuff it in your pocket, if you have one.  Shove it down the front of your pants?  That could be rather awkward too. Hold it in your hand and try not get it wet or dirty whilst you are busy?  There seems to be no easy answer.



And there is!!

It’s called the Bathroom Travel Buddy!

Surely there has got to be a better solution!


The discerning bathroom visitor would have brought their Bathroom Travel Buddy along on their trip to the bathroom. 

The Bathroom Travel Buddy is a handy little bag that contains your toilet paper and hand soap.  The bag can be placed neatly on the floor or on a ledge within easy reach.  No problem.  It is made from durable, waterproof material that doesn’t mind being placed on the floor.  Its reinforced sides ensure that the bag retains its shape and doesn’t fall over or collapse. 

And it’s pretty too!  Its content is colour coordinated and matches the bag.  The Bathroom Travel Buddy comes in various colours.  And there are two different sizes to choose from.

Don’t get caught in an awkward situation at a public bathroom again!


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