Bathroom Travel Buddy – The story continues

The continuing story of how the Bathroom Travel Buddy came into existence.

Dealing with the issues of washing your hands.

As you have probably gathered by now, we thoroughly enjoy camping.  We love the outdoors and the things that go with the whole camping thing.  “All things?” I hear you whisper?  Well, not quite.  I have a major issue with needing to use the communal bathroom facilities at a camping site.  Yes, there are a few that cater for the more discerning camping guest, but I have found that most of these are over-priced and over-populated.  And that, in my humble opinion, kind of negates the whole purpose of camping.  After all, most people like us, go camping to escape the crowds, the noise and the neighbours by escaping into the great open spaces reserved for people who enjoy swapping their sturdy roofs to sleep under a canvass sheet.

Please do not misunderstand me here.  I am very happy to find those lesser known campsites where peace, space and calm reside.  However, these sites only cater for the basic ablution needs. No soap and toilet paper provided.  I had previously found a very workable solution to disguising one’s loo paper when visiting the ablutions, but what of the issue of the dirty hands.  We all know that once the deed is done, you really need to wash those grubby paws, but there’s no soap!  Do I hear some of you jumping up and down shouting “Waterless hand sanitizer”?  Yes, that can work, but sometimes it leaves that sticky residue on your hands.  And admit it, we’ve all been raised to wash our hands with soap and water, a habit which is really difficult to overcome.  Also, does it not feel odd when you use the hand sanitizer?  There always seems to be that little niggle in the back of your mind that it just doesn’t feel all good and clean and fresh?  Doesn’t feel quite clean enough?  Nope, I’m a soap and water kind of girl and I still feel best going with the traditional stuff.

Now, here we are lugging the hand soap along with your loo paper.  Now you’re juggling two items. And if you’re as lucky as I am, you’ll probably lose one or the other on your way.

Alright, now we seem to have solved the loo visit and the dirty hands dilemma.  But of course… there’s no towel.  So you are forced to either wipe your freshly washed hands on your clothing or flap your hands around as though you’re trying to imitate a bird in flight.  Ugrhh.  Now there’s more to have to lug along on your commute to the loo.  Once you’ve got all your paraphernalia together, people you pass on the camp site must start to think that you’re one of those seriously obsessive compulsive individuals that goes for a shower three or four times a day.  You may as well just lug your whole toiletries bag along for effect!

I have found the solution to this problem of trying to carry too many items to the communal ablutions.

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