Handmade BC Designs

The Bathroom Travel Buddy was conceived, designed, created and perfected by Handmade BC Designs.  

The "B" being Biggles Engelbrecht and the "C "being Cheryl McFarlane.  

Every Bathroom Travel Buddy is hand crafted and lovingly created from inception until the final product.

Biggles Engelbrecht

I am a stay-at-home mom, with three children. I  fell in love with camping in 2012, when the family and I were invited to join our neighbours on a weekend camping trip.  This first trip was quite daunting and a lot of lifestyle adjustments were made.  However, a few years on, the camping bug bit and has till this day not let go.

As a small child, my parents used to drag the kids off to some far flung and difficult to reach areas in southern Africa.  The going was often very rough and the facilities were pretty much non-existent.  Today, camping has become a lot more pleasurable and the facilities at the camp sites have improved tremendously.  However, there is, and always will be the issue of having to frequent a public bathroom or ablution facility.  As any camper will attest, this can be fraught with numerous awkward and potentially embarrassing situations.  I have found this to be an issue at almost every camp site, and an issue faced by almost every camper.  How to maintain the utmost dignity on route to and in transit in the bathroom.

After many a camping trip and many failed or half-baked ideas,  I eventually conceived what I believe to be the best solution to the public bathroom conundrum.  I was looking for the perfect carry bag which was small, compact and contained everything I needed for a trip to the bathroom.  I searched high and low, to no avail.  All available bags were either too small, too cumbersome, too soft, too stiff etc etc.  Eventually I approached my friend Cheryl and together we conceptualized, designed and created The Bathroom Travel Buddy Lite.  Later we realized that we needed to enlarge the original bag to accommodate additional items specifically for the lady campers.  This led to the creation of the Bathroom Travel Buddy Deluxe.

We are immensely proud of our achievement.  we are also convinced that there are others whose camping and outdoor experience will be improved by this ideal little bag on their next outing into the great outdoors.

Cheryl McFarlane

I am a mother of three and a grandparent of four grandchildren.

I have known Biggles for a number of years and over the years we have developed a special bond.  It was probably for this reason that she one day approached me with the idea of creating a bag which she could use when she and her family went camping.  It needed to be bag which would store all the necessary items that one would take along to a public bathroom.  It needed to be practical, sturdy and stylish.

She approached me to help her conceptualize and develop her idea.  We soon realized that a material bag would be the appropriate container for this purpose.  I came to realize from the onset that Biggles was less than proficient with the use of a sewing machine, but very proficient with conceptualizing what she did or did not want.  The hard work and countless hours of cutting, sewing and  gluing commenced. After a few prototypes and lots of input from family and friends, we eventually developed the Bathroom Travel Buddy.

We are very proud of our creation and would love to share this nifty concept with anybody that finds themselves in a position of having to make use of a public bathroom or ablution facility.