Pocket Travel Buddy


This is our smallest Bathroom Travel Buddy and was designed and created specifically with Bikers in mind.

Often, when the men decide to go on an epic road trip or overland safari, the ladies ride along on the back of the motorbike.  Now we all know that when nature calls in the veld or bush, the men just stop on the side of the road and find the nearest tree or bush to relieve themselves.  The ladies on the other hand have a far more arduous task at hand.  Firstly, they will need to find the toilet paper roll, which is located in the lock box of the bike.  Then they need to proceed into the veld with the toilet paper in hand.  Generally, they need to trek into the veld and find a bush or tree to squat behind.  Once they have found relief, the toilet paper they have used will be left in the veld, to blow away during the next windstorm.  The absence of running water negates the possibility of washing their hands before returning to the motorbike.

For this reason, we have developed the Pocket Travel Buddy.  Although it was initially designed with women bikers in mind, we have found that it is also very popular with people that travel often and are required out of necessity to use public bathroom facilities.


The Pocket Travel Buddy is available in the following colours:

the pocket travel buddy


This is our smallest Bathroom Travel Buddy.

This little rectangular bag is designed to carry the most essential items for your trip into the veld or to the public bathroom .

The bag is small and measures only 12cm in height, 8cm in width and is 6cm deep.  This makes it a perfect fit for the lock box of a motorbike, your car's cubbyhole or even your large jacket pocket

It is reinforced to retain its shape and consists of a double layer of waterproof material.

It has been sewn using small stitches to ensure its durability.

The bag closes with a small strip of velcro, making it asy to close and negating any struggles with buttons or clasps.

The Pocket Travel Buddy has three separate compartments for storing the most essential items.

The fist pocket is wide enough to contain a travel size packet of pocket tissues. These tissue packets can be purchased at most retail outlets and is therefore easy to refill.

The other compartment is large enough for a small bottle of waterless hand sanitizer.  These are also available at most retail outlets and therefore easy to refill.

The central pocket is the smallest of the three pockets and is designed to hold a box of matches.  This is for those times when the bushes are your only option. By setting the used paper alight, you will be protecting the environment by not littering and also to ensure that the next windstorm doesn't distribute the paper into the environment.

Alternatively, it is also possible to place a few feminine hygiene products into this compartment if the use of matches isn't a necessity.

There is also a small compartment in the lid of the Pocket Travel Buddy that can hold a R2-00 coin.  Often public restrooms at petrol stations and rest rooms levy a charge of R2-00 for the use of their facilities.