Pocket BTB Red


This pocket sized Bathroom Travel Buddy is the ideal companion for those awkward occasions when you are away from the comfort of your own bathroom.

This TINY bag is ideal to fit into you handbag, schoolbag, bike storage container or the cubbyhole of your car. 


  • It has three seperate compartments
  • One compartment can hold a packet of pocket tissues
  • The second compartment can hold a small bottle of waterless hand sanitizer 
  • The third container can either be used for storing matches in case you need to dispose of the evidence when in the bush, or can hold some feminine hygiene products
  • There is a small compartment in the lid which can hold a R2-00 coin.  This is currently the going rate to enter a public bathroom at petrol stations and rest stops
  • The bag is double layered to ensure that accidental spills don’t leak through
  • The compact box shape is reinforced to maintain its shape
  • Made from waterproof material
  • Double stitched to ensure ensure strength and durablity
  • The bag closes with velcro, so no awkward buttons or zippers
  • The bag is entirely hand made
  • Currently only available in red or black
  • The bag is sold with no content
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